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Sustainable Recovery Immersion
Creative and Vocational Empowerment
Experiential Trauma Resolution




The Online Program - 10 hours per week


An Advanced Recovery and Healing Aftercare Experience for Men and Women

  • 3 groups per week (Recovery, Heal, Launch)

  • 1:1 weekly session with a Masters Level Therapist.

  • 11am-2pm Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

  • 12-week committment, 12-week curriculum

The Intensive

An in-person 3-day transformational healing workshop for women and men

The Deep Waters Intensive is an extremely powerful healing workshop. Participants are launched into the adventure of knowing themselves deeply and transforming the damage done by the addiction and trauma.

The contour of the experience follows Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey model - The Descent, The Ordeal, and The Return. The program is deeply informed by Dr. Carl Jung's psychology and concept of the shadow. This is not a clinical program, it is a community-based experience. Just as the founders of 12-step recovery found that only those who have been there are equipped to guide others through transforming the shadow, all of our staff have taken this journey. 


In The Descent, participants experience the pain that we all avoid in order to survive. We find a group bond and begin to peel the layers of the onion formed by severe and subtle trauma. The Ordeal is approached through visualizations, psychodrama, and bioenergetics to access powerful archetypal energy. In The Return we celebrate a new commitment to living authentically. Participants are encouraged to bring this confidence and vulnerability into their ongoing recovery, and to continue the integration in our weekly Recover-Heal-Launch groups

The Intensive is similar to Dr Beare's men's program, THE BRAVE HEART EXPERIENCE but for women and men.

We treat dependency and trauma in all its forms:


   Obesity is usually untreated food addiction and trauma.


   High functioning to advanced and severe use.



Abuse, PTSD, Abandonment, Neglect, Enmeshment.


Healing the trauma underlying the symptoms.


Opioids, Meth, Marijuana, Cocaine, Hallucinogens, Benzos, and others.




Most of our services are reimbursable by insurance depending on the policy. A superbill for insurance is provided monthly upon request. Scholarships and sliding scale are available for those with demonstrated need.

for addiction, trauma, depression, anxiety


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