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A Trauma Resolution and Empowerment Workshop 

for Men and Women

The Deep Waters Intensive

This dynamic experiential workshop is for anyone on the healing and recovery path. It is a strong opportunity to confront fear, shame, and the negative messages that keep us stuck.   

Together, through powerful psychodramatic and bioenergetic processes, visualizations, and rituals of transformation we access that true sense of authenticity and creative empowerment. 


For those struggling with depression, anxiety, codependency, and relationship difficulties, this process

will help you access emotional freedom by healing the underlying trauma. 

For those in recovery, IT IS RELAPSE PREVENTION! 


The process follows the contour of the “Hero’s Journey” process as described by Joseph Campbell:

The Descent, The Ordeal, and The Return. The work is deeply informed by the work of Dr. Carl Jung and

the 12 steps of Recovery. 

Accommodations are comfortable and the processes are mostly indoors.

What people have to say about Dr. Bob Beare's Intensive Weekend:


“I had an amazing experience. Very liberating”

“The absolute release of trauma I’ve held for 25 years”

“Eye opening, It has given me the strength to move on with my life”

“Exhausting and awesome, life changing experience”

 “I was guarded, then I opened up, it was very relieving”

“I dropped a 10,000 lb bag I’ve been carrying my whole life”

“Taught me to forgive, accept, and love myself”

“I was skeptical, then it was great”

“It was monumental letting go of resentments”

“It was f’ing magical, amazing bonding with my bros, gaining trust”

“I released a lifetime of rage and confronted the despair I’ve avoided for so long”

“The best experience in my life. More in tune and connected with myself. I feel free”

“My experience was life-changing, unlike anything I’ve ever done”

“It was incredible and rewarding, I will take it with me for life”


“I lost who I was and found myself”

“Deep spiritual experience. I was able to unload bullshit I’ve been holding onto my whole life.”

“It was amazing. Nothing else like it in the world and I’ve been doing personal work for a decade.”

“I was enlightened, I’ll never be the same”

“Difficult but enlightening”

“It was the key I needed to become the man I want to be. It was amazing
“The most amazing (and bizarre) experience I’ve ever had. I came to terms with my demons”
“I came in a boy and emerged a man”

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Scholarships and sliding scale are available for those with demonstrated need.