Program Details


Addiction Recovery

Advanced level Recovery Specialists facilitate this dynamic group to deepen understanding of the severity of addiction.


Trauma Resolution

These 2-hr experiential process groups use psychodrama, bioenergetics, breathwork, and other interactive techniques to heal trauma..


Coaching: Vocational/Educational/Creativity/Leadership

Ongoing employment, academic, and leadership counseling is essential. As we become ourselves by removing the crutch of addiction and by healing our underlying issues, we must recalibrate. Often our natural creativity returns with vigor. College enrollment and/or vocational placement is the focus.

Mindfulness Programming

Stilling the mind is an essential tool for long term sustainable recovery. We use AcuDetox, meditation, and therapeutic yoga to help clients develop emotional stability.

Individual Psychodynamic Therapy

Individual sessions by licensed Master’s and Doctoral level experiential psychotherapists. The approach addresses underlying trauma for wellness and relapse prevention.

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