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Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Getting into the deeper waters requires surrender and connection with a community of folks who know something about the “V” word…. Vulnerability. It is the key to transformation, healing, and building a life of meaning and joy. A strong and safe container is required for this kind of intimacy to be attained. Most of our wounding came in relationships and groups, so the healing must be done through interaction with others who are committed to this work.

Welcome to the Deep Waters where the healing is heart to heart and, though most of us have advanced degrees, multiple certifications, and licenses, please do not hold that against us! We are deeply “clinically informed” and “evidence based”, but we are boldly against models that are built to medicate, mask symptoms, and ultimately can block the ability for healing. Our commitment is to continue to do our own inner work as a team, so that we can empower our clients to live life authentically and with their own chemistry.

But recovery from drugs and alcohol is only the very tip of the iceberg…there are many ways to adjust our chemistry that are detrimental to living an authentic life. I have more personal experience with process addictions than anyone needs, but I’m grateful for the support I’ve received and the wisdom of the trailblazers especially in the areas of codependency and love addiction.

In my own recovery, I have found… that there is nothing wrong with me or the people I’ve worked with over the years. However, some things happened (trauma both strong and subtle) that affected the trajectory of our genuine path.

Of course we get miserable (aka depression) and scared (aka anxiety) and beat up on ourselves (shame) when we’re living a life based on incorrect internal messaging. Trauma does not cause addiction, but it does cause most of the other disorders in the Diagnostic Statistics Manual.

The solution is in healing the trauma….which is lodged in the body. With support, we must look at it, do some psychodramatic and bioenergetic work, maybe say “it’s not my shame”, and let it go.

I’m so grateful to have this community of people in my life who support me in a daily spiritual maintenance program, and who are committed to the path of deep healing.

The work we do is dynamic and unusual…We grieve and laugh out loud often. We are both wildly creative and serious. We know that the grief is the same river as the joy. And we know that we are privileged to hold this space for you, your family, your community, and our world that is in dire need of healing.


Dr. Bob Beare, Ph.D, LPC-S is in long term recovery and has been a leader in the mental health and addiction field for 20 years. He holds advanced degrees in music, theatre, clinical psychology, and organizational psychology. He is a professional actor and singer, founder of The Brave Heart Experience (men’s intensive healing workshops), The Deep Waters Intensives (for men and women). Bob is the author of The Creative Fire: 10 Weeks to Emotional and Creative Fitness.

He is a licensed counselor supervisor, CEO of Deep Waters Recovery Programs and Network, Host of The Recovery Crew Podcast, and Senior Clinical Consultant to several treatment centers.


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