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Updated: Jan 15, 2021

I led a recovery group the other night at a local drug and alcohol treatment facility. Having been on both sides of the aisle for the past several years as a client and facilitator, I’ve gained a modicum of skill in reading the desire of a group.

On this particular evening it was evident these guys weren’t interested in being entertained or regaled with my lyrical poems about the cosmic journey from loss to redemption. This was a no nonsense bunch. They wanted to get down to brass tacks and were hungry for practical suggestions as to what constituted a sustainable recovery program.

What specific things could they implement in their own lives to stop the endless cycle of addiction and destruction?

Though I’m relatively new to recovery by old timer’s standards, I’ve done some work and was blessed to receive suggestions from others who are winning the sobriety battle in their own lives. Some of the best advice shared with me came in the form of simple suggestions. Thankfully I experienced enough pain to put ego aside and for the first time listened and took some direction.

These guys seemed to be in a similar place so I boiled it down to what worked for me.

1.) Get sober

2.) Acknowledge and heal hidden trauma.

3.) Express myself in some creative endeavor.

4.) Stay sober in community

We spent the rest of the class discussing how each of them may practice this simple template in their own lives. The details of doing this are also straight forward.

Immerse yourself in active recovery while surrounded by individuals who hold you accountable.

Do your own trauma resolution work in a community of folks who have done their own work and let them love you.

Find a manner to express your creative brilliance, that beautiful outpouring which organically arises.

Finally, share this beautiful juice with your aligned community and the world at large.

That’s it.

It works. I’m living proof! And, I have to do the work every day to keep the miracle alive.

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