Connection An Excerpt from The Brave Heart Experience Transformation Context

Updated: Jan 15

By Dr. Bob Beare

Quantum physics has shown that we are completely made up of vibration. Everything vibrates at different frequencies so we perceive it as matter. So, what’s the matter? Nothing. There is no matter. It is all vibration and therefore we are connected to everything … we are an extension of the universal vibration.

Quantum physics has further shown that everything we perceive is influenced by the fact that we are putting attention on it. In other words, we influence our world by the spirit of our attention. By the nature of our thoughts. And when our thoughts are skewed and driven by blocked emotions, we create our world according to misinformation.

We create our reality with our minds. We say that we want happiness, sobriety, and peace. But until we clear out the pathways that are blocked by those old messages, we will continue to create the same patterns that have caused our misery.

Alexander Lowen wrote: “The primary nature of every human being is to be open to life and love. Being guarded, armored, distrustful, and enclosed has become normal in our culture. It is the means we adopt to protect ourselves against being hurt, but when such attitudes become structured in the personality, they constitute a more severe hurt and create a greater crippling than the one originally suffered”. In other words, the original wound or trauma may be minor compared to the ongoing damage we do to ourselves in an attempt to guard against or medicate the pain.

Trauma does not cause our addiction, but it certainly contributes to the pain we are trying to extinguish with alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling, love, food, technology, etc. The simple suggestions of 12-step recovery, when followed, are proven to arrest dependency. Then we can heal our underlying anxiety and pain in community with other travelers on this road of happy destiny. Connection is the true healer and is available to us all.

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