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Updated: Jan 15

The only constant in this universe is change. At any given moment we are eternally moving in one direction or the other. It is within the existence of change we choose to either create or destroy. These truly are our only options.

There is no such thing as pure stagnation. Such a state is what we refer to as non-existence, and it does not exist. Though we may practice creating or destroying either at an agonizingly slow pace or with great expediency, one or the other is always in play.

The manner in which we meet this change holds the key to the richness of our lives. It is a simple concept, yet if you are like me is difficult to practice. The key is awareness; self awareness, community awareness, earth awareness, emotional awareness, and spiritual awareness.

Do I honestly experience my deepest emotions?

Where do they reside in my body?

Do they have a color or sound?

Am I living authentically?

It took me nearly three decades mired in addiction to finally begin to get some answers to these questions. I am finding these only by honestly evaluating how my thoughts and behaviors are aligned with my professed values. Am I truly congruent in thought, word and deed? Until recently the answer was no.

Yet thankfully it was from the extreme pain of accepting my inauthentic behavior and doing something about it am I finding redemption. When I admitted I was broken, asked for help, and began accepting the tenderness of caring from others, I began to awaken.

Don’t get me wrong, this gift has nothing to do with understanding the meaning of life. To the contrary, I am still as clueless as ever to the origins of that grand mystery. Awareness for me merely means I now posses a capability to experience life in all of its fullness, to drink deeply, and to share this beauty with others. It is here I find peace in the present.

And guess what? I am finding that the  keys to this peace never were in my mind. They are buried in my body, concealed within the strange mounds of dirt called feelings! Yes feelings. Mad, sad, glad, and scared. My mind is filled with whimsical fantasy, ‘tis in my body where these golden keys lie.

There are many ways to mine these feelings, and to tap into the richness residing in every single one of us. One such method is through creative expression. The practice what Dr. Carl Jung called “active imagination!” You know that area of practice many hyper-intellectual individuals claim is merely fluff along the narrow path to health, wealth, and happiness.

Creative expression is not fluff!

Creative expression is a fundamental component to who we are as beings. It is one manner in which we may actually discover our true selves, and grow. It is one of our greatest defenses against destruction, and it is available to us all if we remove ourselves from the arrogance of our minds, and listen to the wisdom which resides within our bodies.  This is a return to the wisdom we knew as children before the trauma and re-routing of our lives began piling up.

How do we start such a journey to self awareness?

The first step is to stop medicating and heal our repressed trauma.

I struggled to find authentic creative expression for a long while, as I was not intuitively gifted with an ability to create colorful masterpieces of paint, or compose glorious symphonies of sound. Thankfully creative expression is not reserved only for those naturally gifted individuals practicing fine art as a profession.

Each of us is creatively gifted in some manner, and our very lives are works of art. If we approach everything we do with authentic feeling, whether it’s parenting, painting, cooking, working, cleaning, or communicating we tap into a deep and wonderful language offered to us by Spirit. God is the infinite original creator, and we are all worthy parts of the whole. We are creators of our own beautiful, and sacred lives. Even if you are not into the God or Spirit thing (some of it is semantics), we can all surrender to the fact that we are part of a giant, creative, vibratory universe. It is in us, and we are in it. It is through finding and sharing our authentic creative spirit with others, in everything we do, that we truly live.

Is there a limitation in your life which is keeping you from creating?

Are you moving boldly toward a life of fulfillment, or numbly drifting towards destruction?

Regardless the answer, we are grateful you are here to ponder these questions with us.

Together we may stay sober, heal our wounds, and share our Creative Fire!

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