Entirely Ready

By Ozzie Garcia

I was born and raised in Houston, Texas. I had a great childhood where I excelled in academics and sports, had lots of friends and a loving family. My curiosity as a teenager led to experimenting with substance use around age 13, which put me on a downward spiral at a rapid pace.

In High School, I began to frequent different institutions as a result of my drug use. My grades began to fall, friendships were lost, and athletics came to a stop because I just could not find a way to remain sober. I experienced a substantial amount of loss and grief in my teen years with the death of many friends who seemed to suffer from this same disease. Watching your friends die while also knowing that you are on the same trajectory as them is a terrifying feeling, especially when the strong desire to stop never seems to propel you into sobriety. For the next few years I seemed to continue to walk through this revolving door:

Desire to stop, discomfort, relapse, pain, repeat.

I landed in treatment for the 6th time May 14, 2015. While there I was finally shown what it means to understand the powerless nature of alcoholism. My belief that long term sobriety was possible for me was practically nonexistent when I arrived, but the men working at the facility provided me with a sense of hope once I understood that they were just like me at one point and all I needed to do was have some willingness to follow some suggestions. I had a profound experience with the 12 steps, continue to have a current experience with those same things today and because of that I have stayed sober ever since.


I was born and raised in Houston, Texas. My struggle with substance abuse addiction began at the age 13. At the age 15 I began to cycle in and out of various facilities in efforts to seek treatment.

I entered my 6th and last treatment in May of 2015. It was then I had a profound experience with the 12-steps, with my peers and with God. As revolutionary changes began to take place, I discovered that I had an unwavering passion to support other men. I wanted to help them also as they pursued long term sobriety and responsibility. I wanted to pass along the gift that had been so freely given to me.

I’ve worked in the substance abuse treatment field for 3 years. I’ve written and directed 12-step programming for well-respected treatment facilities in the Austin area. We designed Higher Plane Sober Living to help clients apply the same principles learned in early sobriety. In addition, we provide a highly structured environment where residents can continue to practice these spiritual principles in their daily lives.

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