Gratitude, Silence, Service

By Joseph Gorordo

“What's most important to you in your recovery?”

Family, relationships, community, creativity, music, quiet...

I guess really what recovery means to me has changed and grown alongside me for all these years.

In the beginning, to me, recovery was just about not getting high anymore. I didn’t want anything else or put any conditions on it. I was just sick and tired of being miserable and shoving needles in my body. Maybe that singular desire is what helped me actually get sober this time? Recovery has always been good to me. Once that obsession to use was lifted, it never returned other than one fleeting moment around 6 years sober. My mind can overcomplicate things very easily, so simple explanations have always been best for me. "Trust god, help others" has always been the foundation of my recovery.

But as my life has grown I’ve been continually blessed to be given more things in my life, that I in turn have to trust god with relationships, children, jobs, responsibility, duty, etc. etc.

Early in my recovery someone told me that after I take the third step, my primary responses to god should be “yes, god” and “thank you, god”. Another simple idea that has served me well. This has helped keep me out of fear and to trust that if god has placed something in my path, whether it's a problem or a blessing, it's always there for a reason.

Joseph Gorordo, LCDC

Joseph is a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor that has been in the field of

substance abuse treatment since 2009. In long-term recovery since 2008, Joseph is the Vice

President of Business Development for Recovery Unplugged, Former President of the

Austin Chapter of the Texas Association of Addiction Professionals, and current State Board

Member of TAAP. He was awarded the Terry D. Hale Professional of the Year award in

2019. He has built and developed a variety of programs including Residential Treatment,

Intensive Outpatient Programs, and Extended Care Programs. He is also the founder of

Austin Sober

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