Humility? What’s that?

Updated: Jan 15

By Trevor Cocheres

Humbly asked Him to remove our shortcomings. The key to living in the 7th step is humility. What I thought of humility before becoming a member of Alcoholics Anonymous was that I was being humble by just keeping my head down. Walking through life without ever having to recognize where I fall short, just existing. As long as I am not causing “too” much pain and misery, then I must be staying in humility.

After being sober for a little over three years the definition of humility means so much more. Step 7 is like a bonus round of surrender. You surrender in steps 1 through 3, get honest in 4 and 5, and then must surrender again in 6 and 7! It’s exhausting but I think that’s the point. Life doesn’t stop and by this point my relationship with God should be strong enough to ask him to help with everything and that includes where I fall short. When character defects crop up, I have to be willing to ask God to remove them. Becoming willing to recognize that God is the director in my life allows me to stay humble through life’s greatest challenges.

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