My Long strange days of corona

I am physically relaxed. I know this by my new pace. I normally walk fast, talk fast, drive fast...and I have found that after almost two months of this thing that my steps are calm, my words are measured, and my once hurried driving now takes the mindset, "I'll get there when I get there."

I am emotionally calm. I'm not least once a week my emotions spill over to short temper, quick judgment, or restless sleep. That's my truth. But I was given a gift by my business partner Jeffrey Vann who said, "We need to engage with people, places, and things with a 'Corona Filter.'" Give extra space, an extra act, and be extra calm to allow whatever is disturbing to have more time, less judgment, more support, less anxiety or more understanding so not to cause harm to others or myself. The "Corona Filter" is a buffer rooted in kindness so my emotions remain calm in these times.

I am mentally focused. The gift of fewer distractions has allowed me to be more present. With the world slowing down, getting more simplified, the power of choice has shown up for me one more time. Before all this, I wore 17 hats with my business, today I'm down to 7. I'm more focused on my role, obligations, and emails & documents, fully prepping for meetings & Zoom calls, and really listening to my gifted partners, loyal staff, and thoughtful clients to make sure they are heard and feel valued.

I am spiritually aware. Constantly tapping into my higher power allows me to get grounded and trust that I am safe for today. Doing more reps in my mindfulness routine turns on my intuition, so I'm reading other's energy even before they open their mouths, and I'm able to connect more meaningfully.

And lastly, a really cool thought came to me, for the first time in my life... this event has caused everyone, I mean EVERYONE to share in the same experience! Yes, most of it is not so cool... but, if we change our perspective to a spiritual direction on the compass of life we can really find the good in all this.

Gregg Champion is a branding expert who has worked with top consumer brands, major television networks, and professional sports teams over the last 15 years. In the last few years, he has focused on selective start-up ventures as an investor, advisor, educator, and start-up coach.

Gregg is a TEDx speaker who has been in recovery for over 25 years after nearly ruining his life with drugs and alcohol. He got clean and sober in his early 20's with the help of Father Bill Wilson of La Jolla, who was Gregg's "Eskimo" to the rooms of AA. Gregg brings unequivocal expertise, visibility, and acumen to recovery coaching. Policymakers, media personalities, and addiction experts recognize Gregg as a highly valued and trusted member of the recovery community. With the full support of the leadership of SOBA Recovery Center in Malibu, he developed a unique curriculum for the clinical groups he ran as a recovery coach. Over the past couple of years, he has taken on private clients in early sobriety as well as those with 10-plus years who feel "stuck in their lives" and in need of a breakthrough. Gregg continues to run high-end/high-energy groups, panels, and recovery retreats, most recently as a facilitator/recovery coach at Hotel California by the Sea recovery center in Newport Beach.

Gregg has helped, supported and career coached over 100 millennials to get their first job or internship in the "real world." Through his own vast experiences working with Fortune 500 brands, running his own companies, and fostering relationships with millennials at colleges and universities across the nation, he has developed a bulletproof playbook on how to land, keep, and thrive at your dream job. In June 2015, Gregg was named Mentor in Residence at USC's Lloyd Greif Center for Entrepreneurship after serving as a co-teacher for a 400-level undergrad course on Venture Management within the Marshall School of Business.

Gregg, his wife Jennifer, and their two daughters Elysse and Annabelle reside in Pacific Palisades.

Gregg founded START UP RECOVERY on the two things he knows best and loves most: startups and recovery. His daily mantra is "What can I do for you? I’m here to help." In the fall of 2017, START UP RECOVERY Transformational Living Center opened its doors with Gregg's vision of how to bring his unique Recovery Playbook to its residents on a daily basis - one day at a time. Through the transitional houses and the START UP apartments, clients are exposed to Gregg's mission statement of: "shifting one's addiction to their passion."

Now, THE RECOVERY PLAYBOOK can be found online as a resource to anyone going through some “trauma, drama, or pain” in their lives through a unique video series launched in the spring of 2020. Additionally, Gregg does one-on-one recovery coaching with high-end, outside clients.

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