No Regrets, No Shortcuts

By Austin Berry

Fear does not rule my life. I no longer sit in self-pity and come up with the plan one day I’m going to do it. One day I’m going to be the man I know I am. Today I take the risk to be who I am…no regrets, no shortcuts.

When I was a young child, stress was not in my life. I never had to worry. I had parents who provided everything for me. In my teens, I began to understand that I had to depend on myself. I guess I wasn’t ready for it, so I turned to drugs and booze to handle the stress. I had no idea how to manage my own life. In recovery I found the playbook on how to live in this world.

As I’ve gotten older and stayed active in my recovery, my world has gotten bigger but so have the opportunities to get “stressed out”. Taking on a bigger role at your work. Taking a new job across the country. Learning to balance a relationship and work. And finally having a child. The responsibility of having a literal human being depend on me. It is a daily process of managing stress and letting go.

I’m grateful to have the community and tools of recovery to lean on as I continue to grow, and as my life gets bigger. I don’t regret what it took to get me here, and now I can face what life brings with no shortcuts!

Austin directs all sales and marketing efforts for Lightning Step Technologies. He is our Lightning Step Ambassador — building relationships with providers throughout the country.

Austin has spent the past decade in various admissions and business development positions for prominent treatment organizations. As a former director of admissions, national business development representative, and director of business development, Austin understands how a true All-in-One EMR software can not only help clinicians and administrators, but also provide true value to admissions and business development teams.

Austin grew up in Houston, Texas, and studied business administration at The University of Alabama. He currently lives in Tallahassee, Fl with his wife, Katie, and daughter, Millie. He is expecting a second daughter in March and is excited to continue his journey in father hood.

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