Serenity Truly is a Priceless Gift

Updated: Jan 15

Serenity Truly Is A Priceless Gift

By Joe Rutland

For so long, I have read and heard people talk about the priceless gift of serenity.

We enter recovery filled with chaos and disorder and desperately want balance and order.

When I started my own journey, I “thought” serenity was about pleasing other people and keeping their chaos levels down. I soon learned that it’s called codependency. We really want other people to be OK while we continue to act out.

I see serenity as a balm to the soul. We begin to look at life differently, take stock of our issues by doing inventories, and become members of recovery communities. We heal together and that forms a strong bond.

While I have a strong tendency toward being an introvert, I know that staying that way on a long-term basis never helps. I say “never helps” because it is as true today as it was when I laid that last drink down on Jan. 1, 1997.

Look at a gold watch. We can agree that it looks like a priceless gift. There is a price to it but we see it as special and unique. I have learned to put serenity in my recovery life much like that gold watch.

I see it as a gift and in order to stay clean and sober, I have to give this gift away. That’s part of the miracle we experience together in community.

I get to wake up in the morning and not have a bad hangover, remember what happened, and create a meaningful life. That is a big gift, too.

We still need to make sure that our emotional sobriety is dealt with on a regular basis. If we don’t address and face tough emotions, then we might find ourselves back in the bars and streets. This is one reason trauma resolution is so important and something The Recovery Crew at Deep Waters mentions a lot.

I still get a laugh out of watching Frank Costanza yell “Serenity now!” in an old “Seinfeld” episode. We all yell “Serenity now!” when life throws fastballs at us in recovery. The one thing I can do is make sure that I stay balanced, focused, and intentional about my healing.

It’s true that we come to see serenity as a priceless gift. No one can put a price on the sanity and peace we feel on a regular basis. I know that I function better privately and publicly when those two gifts are part of life.

We learn how to do this on a daily basis in recovery. There is no end to the learning process. We have to keep going or we’ll go back out.

Serenity is a priceless gift and what I want in my life until I breathe my last breath. We can have serenity together through the power of healing and wholeness offered in our conscious  communities.

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