Showing up in Integrity

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

By Charlie McGarty

The most important part of my recovery is integrity. By working the steps and committing to a new way of living I’ve been able to show up for myself and others.

That was not the case in active addiction. Most people would have rather I not show up at all. My character was self seeking, selfish and dishonest. I used people and situations to feed my own needs at any cost. Needless to say this created a lot of devastation and damaged all my relationships.

Step 8 and especially 9 gave me the opportunity to see how negatively I impacted all people and places I came into contact with. I finally had a non-distorted view of reality. At this point knowing I had to completely change my way of living, I had to confront my hurtful actions and be willing to make amends. This was uncomfortable to say the least, because in the past I would avoid and move on to wreak havoc elsewhere. Making amends, healing relationships, and then adjusting my actions to no longer cause harm is what has built the integrity I stand by today.

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