The Shadow Runs the Show

Updated: Jan 15

I thought I would be bold and talk about something completely unknown to me…my shadow! The unconscious, unseen part of Brad which is running the show – and is the source of wild, deep, and vibrant creativity.

My shadow is the repository of my denied self and is a result of unresolved trauma.

My shadow always comes out sideways when I’m scared, angry, or sad especially when I’m unaware that I’m scared, angry, or sad.

I am tired of that shit.

I’ve made a lot of progress, but I remain eager for more and more clarity as I bring that wily trickster into the light. Not so that I may condemn him, for he is neither good nor bad, but so I may be aware of my authentic self and live in a manner which is congruent with the values I hold dear.

I am finding deep healing in identifying these hidden parts of me and integrating the lessons they teach into my daily life. Carl Jung suggests we bring forth these parts of self through “active imagination”…dreams and the expressive arts. I have no formal training as a therapist (Dr. Bob Beare says that may well be an advantage!) so instead of an ill-informed rambling on Jungian psychology, I offer you a couple of poems. My hope is you may be inspired to creatively bring your own shadow into the light.

There is gold inside each of us!

All of Me

by Brad Powell

Awakened are we Fed by authenticity What exactly is the answer That I do not know

If frigid oh my bones they shake When singed my flesh begins to bake Yet give me not all balmy breeze For gold is mined when on my knees

Yes pray I do for tears of loss My dreams discarded into dross Yet so too give me utter joy Like when I played as little boy

My nostrils flare in acrid stench Of hateful past when trust I lynched Humbled now please let me move In tenderness my soul is soothed

Yes let me smell the deep, dank cave Crisp air of peak when I be brave Both dark and light resides in me Embracing each Tis’ then I breathe

Shadow Cruise

By Bob Beare

You I know not

Are the bulk of me

Driving my boat

A holographic captain

The iceberg ahead I can explore with vigor

With intention

Or in full body traction

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