The Wisdom of the Body: An Excerpt from the Brave Heart Transformation Context

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

We are built for honesty. We may not be the only animal that lies, cheats, and steals, but research reveals that we’re the only one that blushes. Psychologists believe it is an unconscious desire to be emotionally honest. Our minds lie, our bodies tell the truth. The path to healing is through our bodies, the entire vessel.

Michael Brown developed the Presence Process after decades of medically incurable chronic pain. After years of drugs and surgeries, he found that by accessing blocked emotion in the body through meditation and emotional release processes, the pain lifted completely. The pain that we collect in our bodies as children – the time when we are most vulnerable and like sponges for emotion – turns into a vast network of cognitive lies about ourselves and the world. Then we begin to walk through the world as if these messages are true.

And as we ignore the pain, it worsens, and we medicate, and medicate, and medicate, and we develop tolerance for the self-medicating until we are forced to seek a spiritual cure…to ask for help. This is not something most of us were taught to say. See if you can utter it to yourself right now…maybe feel foolish for a moment…and again, “I need help.”  When we truly ask for help, we are simultaneously letting go of the delusion that we are the center of the universe – separate and disconnected.

We all have used the Four F’s to survive:

Fight – Be tough

Flight – Avoid

Freeze – Shut down

Faun – Be nice

Asking for help and telling the emotional truth transcends this pattern. It takes way more courage to be vulnerable than it does to be tough, isolative, vacant, or phony. Our real truth is in the body, carefully stored for the day we become ready to be more authentic. It’s risky and worth the effort.

-Bob Beare

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