Waking Up

An excerpt from “Stop Doing Shit You don’t Wanna Do: How Unresolved Trauma Runs our Lives”

By Dr. Bob Beare

The unconscious mind is running the show. Dr. Bruce Lipton’s research has shown that “…the

subconscious mind is over a million times more powerful than the conscious mind” and “…ninety-nine percent of the time we run our lives from the automatic processor – the subconscious mind.”.

Unless we are wound so tightly that the rigors of life never penetrate, I suppose it is possible to live in the one percent. Personally, I’m grateful for my crashes and burns. They have prepared me to take risks toward pain, to be able to tolerate some fear, and to grow. I cry a lot and I laugh a lot.

I think I’m at a full 1.1% consciousness now but my family, friends, and colleagues may think that to be generous. It’s important to keep people around us who see our greatness, but are also willing to challenge us a bit. It is a layered situation. As one client told me, “we just keep clawing at the onion”. Another 21-year-old in recovery said, “Now I have friends who don’t worry about stepping on my toes, so they don’t have to step on my grave.”

Many think the dreamtime is the real story, and this waking world is merely an illusion manufactured by our control mechanism. Dr. Jung deeply believed in the wisdom of dreams. It is a different language that must be learned. Most people when first beginning dream exploration refer to the images as “weird”. Many people in parts of the country where passports are rare think of other cultures as dangerous and different. We treat our unconscious material in that way. It is difficult to get our mind around the possibility that the images that we refer to as “weird” may be a much more accurate reflection of reality than our carefully constructed perceived world. When we sleep, our psychic “muscles” relax and the real truth comes up.

We know almost nothing, and with that knowledge, we are on the road to waking up to this life.

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